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Silk’n Flash&Go LUX - Say Goodbye to Unwanted hair!

Silk’n Flash&Go LUX is an innovative light-based system for permanent results. It’s perfect for sensitive areas like bikini lines but adaptable enough for larger areas like legs and arms.
Removes unsightly hair on body and face with permanent results Easy, safe and painless Perfect for sensitive areas saves thousands vs. professional treatments Works on areas big and small No more waxing, shaving or plucking

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See How It Works


Before Treatment VS After Treatment

arm before use flash and go lux
arm after use flash and go lux
chin before use flash and go lux
chin after use flash and go lux
Finger before use flash and go lux
Finger after use flash and go lux

What makes Flash&Go Lux different?

Flash & Go Lux is unique technology that uses gentle pulses of light energy to physically inhibit hair growth. The light energy is aimed directly into the hair follicles and then absorbed while the surrounding tissue remains at a normal temperature. This virtually painless process results in the permanent elimination of hair.

Silk'n Flash & Go Lux Is:

FDA approved technology, Recommended by dermatologists
Safe and User-Friendly
Can be used either face or body





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Your Flash&Go system comes complete with:


One portable Flash&Go hair removal tool
One pre installed fine lamp cartridge with 5,000 pulses and a spot size of 4cm2
One DVD that teaches you how to use it

Easy Treatments - Noticeable Results

Flash&Go LUX uses gentle pulses of light energy to stop hair from growing. Light energy is immersed by the hair follicles while the surrounding skin remains your usual temperature. The end result is a virtually pain free procedure that permanently gets rid of hair.
FDA cleared technology
Dermatologist recommended
Safe and user friendly
To be used on body and face